CRS - Cloud Reservation System


Zamar Cloud Reservation System (Zamar CRS) easy to use, but at the same time a powerful tool for organizing the storage and management of airline resources. Zamar specialists for several years conducted research of the various needs and demands of both large and small airlines. As a result, it was developed and implemented booking system that provides maximum functionality at an affordable price. Commercial use Zamar CRS started in 2013, when to the booking system has been placed resource locations of charter flights in Kazakhstan, departing from Aktau. In April 2014 two Kazakh airlines, state-owned airline "Zhetysu", and private airline (flies under the flag airline InvestAvia (IN)), joined the list of satisfied users.

Key features

Zamar CRS provides the following services for airlines of all sizes:

  • Storage and management of airline resources;
  • Reservations;
  • Schedule management;
  • Rate management;
  • Sale on manual and electronic tickets;
  • 24/7/365 service;
  • Resource management;
  • Internet sales;
  • DCS system of registration of passengers;
  • Trip calendar and data downloading in real-time- Bird's-Eye View™ [BEV]™ (in development).

Main advantages of Zamar CRS

Zamar CRS has a number of advantages compared with older systems:

  • A simplified control system;
  • Intuitive user interface, there is no need in a detailed training;
  • All functions are available in Web browser;
  • Support various types of devices and operating systems: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other;
  • Carrier does not necessarily have the two letter code and three digital IATA prefix;
  • The system is fully controllable by Zamar experts, there is no need to pay extra IT staff or system administrator;
  • There is no need to purchase additional hardware, databases, software products and pay a very expensive license for their use;
  • No need to pay for a reservation. You pay only for sold ticket;
  • Built-in localization, multilingual support for the ticket and fare rules.

Schedule management


  • Schedule with multiple sites, many segment flights;
  • A flexible system of classes, including first, business and economy, as well as its own airlines classes;
  • For each class there is an opportunity to create a variety of subclasses;
  • Docking flights;
  • Changes in the current schedule;
  • Schedule with any depth of sales;


Resource management

  • The distribution of seats;
  • Time limit for each subclass;
  • Simplified changing of resource configuration;
  • The ability to open and close the flight;
  • Changing the depth of sales;
  • Changing dates and days of flight;
  • Handy lists of flights and passengers;

Rate management

  • Multicurrency support;
  • Custom types of rates;
  • The ability to open and close the sales for each class and the rate;
  • Available usage of various fees and fines;
  • The fees for being late for a flight, a partial refund;
  • The validity periods for each rate, including the management of sales period;
  • Multi-language support for the fare rules;
  • Adding routes and segments to the existing rate classes;
  • Support of large number of passengers to create categories of rates (Adult, Child, Infant, student, pensioner, etc.);
  • Possibility of custom types of passengers;
  • Support of various ticket refund rules;
  • Baggage weight restrictions for each type of passengers in each rate.

Reservation management

  • Simplified methods of use, the reservation can be created with just a few mouse clicks;
  • View schedules, availability and prices at the same time in a single query;
  • Superior view of the rules of application of rates;
  • Creating PNR by selecting the appropriate segments of the screen;
  • Support PNR types of states: SS, HK, RR, WL;
  • Waiting list;
  • Allocation of segments from the PNR, the PNR cancellation, change passenger data and the person acquiring the ticket;
  • Extended history PNR changes;
  • Installable Time-limit;
  • The sale is in any currency;
  • Automatic revocation of armor with SS status, cancel reservation HK status by reaching  Time-limit;
  • Automatic calculation of refunds in the event of cancellation according to the established rules of rates either before or after departure;
  • Automatic calculation of partial return flight segments on back and forth traveling.


  • Selling on hand forms;
  • The issue of electronic tickets;
  • The ability to combine manual and electronic tickets;
  • E-ticket issue is possible, even without the presence of the three digital IATA prefix;
  • Simplified procedure for cancellation of all or part of the Ticket;
  • Automated and manual procedures for calculating the amount of refund;
  • Individual ticket template with the airline's logo, header, and the rule of use;
  • Unique patterns tickets on request (development fo a fee);
  • Supports full ticket localization (language, date, currency, etc.);
  • Email and SMS notifications (in development)

Revenue accounting

  • Report about sales, sorted by date, offices, agents, types of transactions, etc .;
  • Report on sold seats;
  • Ability to download reports in csv format with filtering information;
  • Reports from the calculation of agency and sub-agency commission and balance;
  • The user interface for conjugation with third-party accounting systems;

Departure control system

Departure control system – final stage of development and it will support the following functions:

  • Automated transfer of formalized messages in airport management system (PNL, Type B);
  • Access in real time to the lists of passengers;
  • Control the start and end of registration;
  • Support for replanting procedure, subject to availability (GoShow);
  • The distribution of seats;
  • Baggage management;
  • Support various formats of standard messages such as the Passenger Manifest, PNL APIS, PNR EDIFACT etc.;
  • Landing sector management;
  • Support procedures of late passengers, removal from the flight, ban to be transported;
  • Interface CUTE DCS and custom systems;

Agent management


  • Flexible model of commissions to agents and sub-agents;
  • Support multi-level agents - sub-agents;
  • Support for both credit and deposit settlement systems with agents;
  • Individual rates for each agency;
  • The credit limit for each agency;
  • The daily sales limit for each agent;
  • The ability to immediately suspend access to any sales agent.


B2C distribution:
Booking and online sales module

CRS has a module for online booking site, to provide airlines the most modern level of e-commerce opportunities. It can be fully integrated and styled in accordance with the airline's corporate website. The module provides virtually all of the features available for the agents, and even more:

  • View schedules;
  • Selection of rates;
  • Reservation;
  • Buying a ticket;
  • E-ticket;
  • Status of reservation;
  • The ability to receive direct payments to account of airlines in different ways: credit card, cash in any branch of the bank, to the account of airline, kiosks to receive cash payments.
  • In addition, there is a possibility of payment via e-wallets such as, Qiwi and etc., which can be connected at extra cost;
  • Registration on the site;
  • E-mail notifications;
  • Support of personal cabinet of passenger. This feature greatly speeds up the process of buying a ticket;
  • Possible development of individual loyalty programs;

B2B distribution

B2B gateway software provides storage, transmission and routing of data in real time between multiple sources, distributes them among B2B module and a variety of hosting systems like Zamar CRS and others. This option allows to provide additional capabilities, such as:

  • The ability to create a direct agent, sub-agent network;
  • Improved integration with the GDS, including, but not limited with:
  • Gateway to the Abacus / Sabre;
  • Amadeus, Sirena (development is planned);
  • Integration with online booking system (in development);
  • Integration into the Abacus / Sabre Red App application (in development).