BRS –Baggage Reconciliation System

Baggage Reconciliation System - BRS destined for tracking every piece of baggage at all stages of processing and guaranties load of baggage to aircraft. Thereby system can minimize and even exclude loss of baggage.

BRS destined for the following main tasks:

  • Tracking of baggage at all stages of processing, including ability to locate single piece of baggage at aircraft compartments.
  • Timely load of Transit Passengers Baggage
  • Passenger Notification about baggage claim.
  • Airport Service Notification about baggage offload
  • Providing Summary Reports formation of the baggage statements.
  • Supports Non-Container Instant (Bulk Load) and Container (ULD) Load
  • Lost and Found
  • Multilanguage Interface – Interface Can Be localized and translated to every language on customer request.
  • All actions and changes are journalized at the system


The core of the BRS is a high-performance server using Database Engine to store data.

Operator after authentication on BRS management software client have ability to control load process, allowing to:

  • Prohibit load of certain baggage unit
  • View Load Statistics in Real-Time
  • Create notifications about baggage offload
  • Print Reports


Agents using handheld scanners connected via Wireless Network to BRS Server also have ability to view overall load statistics and receive notifications about baggage detained for inspection or baggage marked to be offloaded. 

How it works

  1. Agent using handheld scanners authorizes in BRS (become responsible for any actions performed by authorized scanner in system)
  2. Selects appropriate flight from the list for processing.
  3. Scans container or cart, connecting it to the flight
  4. Containers/Carts can be separated by types (Point-To-Point, Transit) and/or by class (First Class, Business, Economy).
  5. Scans Baggage Tag – and get information, if this baggage unit destined for the selected flight, authorized to load, verified accordance of type and class, container or cart and etc.
  6. Can Scan Baggage to find baggage units which are destined to offload.
  7. After completing Load Process Agent log-off from the BRS.