NIKA LINK- global professional network for safe and affordable data transfer
How to safely send data of your passengers? How to safely get data from airlines and airports?
How to simplify the procedure of sending and receiving data of your system?
NIKA LINK- your decision !!!


Air transport industry companies needed application software to communicate with the external community.


The cost of using existing or developing new communications interfaces is very enormous. Our solution is very affordable

Complexity of communication

Complicated procedures and administration of any changes in the system at the request of the airport or airline, providing technical support which often leads to a delayed response to emerging errors.

Complexity of integration

Most of existing Software integration resources are scarce

Data secure

Air transport industry companies are located worldwide and always need keeping data secure.


NIKA LINK give you just special e-mail address and access to gateway NIKA LINK mail server by simple suite of standard tools.

NIKA LINK can be reached at any place at any time without any limitation. You feel full secure of your data, forever!

NIKA LINK can deliver communications to any application that creates or consumes content.

NIKA LINK supports any types of messages recommended by IATA

Once configured, the NIKA LINK runs in unattended mode.

The NIKA LINK has self-monitoring features and is supported by Zamar AG product specialists 24/7.


Provides access to NIKA LINK without custom development.

Free and easy installation

Can support multiple software applications on customer LAN.

Keeping data of your passengers secure and confidential

NIKA LINK is free of charge for RAM DCS users

NIKA LINK make you on-line worldwide anytime, anywhere

NIKA LINK does not require changes to, or programming of, the applications it services.

* for RAM DCS users