Passengers self services

Simplicity and convenience

  • Passengers self services fully meets the modern requirements, but it is very simple and easy to use.
  • The passengers self services does not require any special maintenance and can be mounted not only in airports but also in hotels, business centers, places of mass gathering of citizens.

Printing of Boarding Passes

Supports printing of two boarding passes formats.



Density - Small size and weight, easy to transport, independent of external factors and finally the stylish design.

Affordable price - Upgrade your airport at a minimal cost.

High-Tech Solution - With our technology Your airport will become one of the leading airports in the world.

Our company is ready to provide a system FREE for 30 days for testing and independent assessment on the part of all persons involved, from the airport management to IT professionalsand check-in agents

  • We are ready to install UDPS on several check-in counters to operate in parallel mode with the existing system, which will allow you to compare the functionality and ease of use;
  • Send expert for installation, training and technical support for the duration of the test;