The system is meant for automatical search for passengers data at the request of various services. The module can be used not only at airports, but also at railway and bus stations, ports, etc. The module has 3 search options: automatic – through web services, manual – through an application on a PC and web interface – to search through a site. At the moment, we have 4 databases for search with the possibility of increasing upon your request:

  • WANTED is a database of wanted by law enforcement agencies.
  • INADMISSIBLE is a database of people with travel restrictions, for example, people who have travel restrictions imposed on them.
  • FORBIDDEN is a database of people who are restricted from entering your country.
  • TAX DEBITORS is a database of people who are in arrears with taxes or loans to public or private entities. The system is interactive and enables the debtor to pay off the debt and continue the trip.
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