Universal Departure Platform Solution (a platform of shared access analogue of SITA CUTE) at your airport. Usage of a platform of shared access will allow you to check-in passengers and baggage both in existing ALTEA DCS, ASTRA DCS, SITA DCS, REGINA DCS, TROYA DCS systems and in any other new DCS, depending on the needs of airlines. To install our platform, it is not required for server environment or replacing existing equipment (PC, ATB / BTP and BGR), ZAMAR’s technicians will carry out the necessary reflashing of existing equipment. Our system does not limit the served DCSs in their services, such as through check-in, self check-in, online check-in, and others.


  • Easy-to-use intuitive graphical interface;
  • Easy switching between DCS applications;
  • Minimum time spent on training and introduction of the solution;
  • The system is designed as a PC application and does not require the creation of server infrastructure at your airport.
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