Our mission

Known for its openness and flexibility, Zamar supplies its clients from the air travel industry with modern technology and specialized services for data processing and passenger check-in.

Modern technology makes the process of resolving client challenges time-effective and productive, leaving costly and outdated equipment and the stale airport and monopoly airline practices in the past.

Our experience in new technology, business, and IT consultations makes a real difference for our clients, changing their business for the better, bringing it to a whole new level, saving money, and improving performance.

As we provide our high-quality service and collaborate with local partners, we always comply with the current legislation, particularly local laws on data processing, personal data protection, and hosting.


Accessibility and openness. You may easily get in touch with the Zamar AG founding partners and get answers to all your questions, either by a video/phone call or by email.

Flexibility and transparency. We strive to be sincere and open, addressing the most ambitious challenges set by our clients in conditions of limited time and resources.

Fair prices and compliance with the goals. Our product pricing is based on the current market environment and factors, as well as on the industry’s current pricing system. Our products are always compliant with our goals. Finding optimal balance between price and quality is very important for us.

Trust and personal accountability. We don’t rely on flash advertisements to win our clients’ trust; instead, we let our fair practice, quality assurance, personal accountability, and goodwill speak for itself.

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