Our mission

Being open and flexible company Zamar provides modern aviation technologies, as well professional services for the passengers management and bagagge processing to the global aviation community.

Modern technologies allow timely and effectively response to customer requests, without relying on expensive legacy systems and practice of major airports and airlines in aviation industry all over the world.

The company’s capabilities in the field of new IT technologies, business and consulting allow to really change the situation of our customers and bring them to a significantly new level, save the budget and increase productivity and efficiency.

Provision of quality services to customers, as well cooperation with local partners, is inextricably connected with the observance of applicable legislation (data processing in the host country, protection of personal data, local hosting).


Accessibility and closeness. You can contact Zamar’ team via video/phone call or e-mail and receive a prompt reply.

Flexibility and openness. We are truly sincere and open, solving the ambitious tasks of customers within the conditions of limited time and resources.

The cost of our product is established taking into account the market conditions, all market factors, as well as the current pricing system in the industry. The product offered by us should correspond to the tasks in view. Optimal ratio of price and quality is important.

Trust and personal responsibility. Trust of customers in Zamar is not an expensive PR exercise, but good practice, guarantee of the quality of our products, as well as personal responsibility and concern for business image.

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