RAM is a Reserve Autonomous Module that allows you to continue checking-in the passengers and baggage in case of loss of connection and absence of Internet connection. The RAM module works in conjunction with the Main DCS-system installed at your airport, being an assistant in any problems, whether it’s a outage of network or a failure on the servers of host DCS. RAM will allow not to stop the check-in process and avoid flight delays.

The RAM module can also be used as a full-fledged DCS to check-in passengers and baggage, having the following main functions:

  • PNL / ADL Processing (Passenger list);
  • Passengers and baggage check-in;
  • Control of passengers boarding the aircraft;
  • Processing electronic tickets;
  • Printing flight documentation;
  • Passenger manifest;
  • Baggage manifest;
  • Completion of flight services and sending all necessary telegrams to airlines and destination airports, by e-mail or by SITA channels.
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