All IT systems of New Terminal of URA airport (Kazakhstan)

The first airport in the post-Soviet space using completely our software. The project implemented innovative solutions, which in many ways have no analogues of such implementation at regional airports:

• AODB Light – the system allows you to automate and coordinate the work of all airport services;
• AERO BILLING – a digital system for calculating the services provided by the airport;
• Cloud FIDS – the system is maximally automated and synchronized with AODB;
• DSM – a system for aviation security services, integrated with automatic E-Gate turnstiles and the national identification system               E-Gov Mobile;
• LDCS – local, fully autonomous GUI system for checking passengers and baggage;
• HCC Hybrid Check-In Counter – an innovative solution that has no analogues in the CIS. The counter can be used for standard check-in         by a GH agent and for self-check-in of CUSS passengers and self-check-in of SBDO luggage;
• BRS Light – an adapted baggage identification system for airports that do not use BHS automatic sorting or dedicated loading piers.          The system allows you to completely eliminate errors when loading on different flights from a single baggage belt;

All used solutions used by us at large airports are adapted and autonomized for small and medium-sized airports. Solutions do not require significant investments in infrastructure and implementation and it saves the budgets of Airport’s IT infrastructure.

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