Since July 01, 2021, within the framework of the digitalization of the economy and the implementation of innovations, our company has been participating in the implementation of the project “Seamless passage of pre-flight procedures at airports” at Vnukovo International Airport.

Project participants:
1. PJSC “Sberbank”
2. JSC “Vnukovo International Airport”
3. Airline “Azimut”
4. LLC “Zamar”
5. Group of companies “CRT”

The project calls for a complete abandonment of traditional methods of checking documents during pre-flight procedures and boarding; in the future, passengers will be able to go through all checks and procedures using face ID only, without the need of providing tickets, boarding passes or identity documents. The project contributes to the acceleration and comfort of the procedure, minimization of queues and significantly increases flight’s safety. Now, instead of wasting time and nerves in queues, passengers can have a pleasant time with a cup of coffee, shopping or simply contemplating the beauty of winged cars while waiting for departure.

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