Benefits of the General Self-Service System: 

The system may be integrated into any of the kiosks currently available, and may service any of the passenger departure control systems, even those that are not part of the CUTE system.

  • It can operate independently from the CUTE system.
  • It costs 6-8 times less than its counterparts.

An innovative self-check-in kiosk. Using a flexible design approach, we created a device that performs all the possible functions:                                      

  • flight check-in;
  • luggage check-in;
  • printing a boarding pass;
  • paying for excess luggage and other fee-based airline services.

The device not only saves a significant share of the airport’s equipment expenses, but also brings customer service to a new, higher level, allowing passengers to check in for their flight and register their luggage using the same device.

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