Hybrid Check-in Counter – HCC

A unique offer – the check-in counter is combined with a self-service check-in kiosk using one set of equipment. Our company’s patented CUSS/SBD solution integrated into the UDPS platform (common use terminal equipment) allows you to use the check-in desk in two modes:
          1. Standard check-in of passengers and baggage by the airport check-in agent
          2. Self-Check-in and Baggage-Drop-Off by the passenger
Due to the unique layout of the equipment elements, we have achieved the solution of the above functions on one set of equipment – PC, ATB printer, BTP printer.
Optionally, it is possible to implement the function of payment for ancillary services or excess baggage (depending on the capabilities of the PSS web services of airlines).
Our solution allows you to get the most out of the capabilities of the Airport Terminals, because the check-in counter works 24/7 regardless of the availability of staff, which allows you to serve the maximum number of passengers on the minimum number of hybrid check-in desks!

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