On August 1, 2023, the international airports of Manas (Bishkek), Osh, and Issyk-Kul executed a replacement of the Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) platform provided by SITA (Switzerland) with the UDPS (Universal Departure Passenger Service) CUPPS platform and with the Local Passenger and Baggage Check-in System LDCS, developed by Zamar. The systems were installed as part of the modernization of the IT infrastructure of all Airports of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

UDPS conforms to the international standard IATA CUPPS 1.03 and fulfills the passenger services requirements for both domestic and foreign airlines. It stands out as a leading product, surpassing its foreign competitors in various technical aspects. This shared-use platform facilitates seamless interaction among airline applications within the airport’s IT infrastructure.

A notable feature of UDPS is its capacity to create a unified passenger service environment (Multi-DCS Environment), allowing easy switching between check-in and boarding applications on a single workstation. It also enables printer configurations without depending on Cute (Non-Cute environment). This approach has led to operational optimization at Kyrgyzstan’s three largest airports: Manas, Osh, and Issyk-Kul. The platform finds extensive application in different airport areas, such as check-in and boarding counters, where diverse peripheral devices like scanners and printers for boarding passes and baggage tags are set up.
UDPS seamlessly integrates with existing check-in and boarding systems, including check-in for connecting flights, self-check-in, online check-in, and other airline-specific capabilities.

LDCS’s graphical interface adheres to current ergonomic standards, presenting an intuitive design that boosts the efficiency of airport personnel.

The migration process concluded with minimal time and effort due to UDPS’s compatibility with equipment from various manufacturers, enabling the retention of existing equipment at the airport and avoiding substantial investments.

Zamar also took on the full range of airport support services for Kyrgyzstan, including a “hotline” and round-the-clock 24/7/365 assistance, which is carried out by the company’s staff.


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