The luggage management system controls the luggage loading process and tracks each bag at every stage of luggage processing, guaranteeing that it is, indeed, loaded properly. It does not just minimize luggage loss: it eliminates it entirely.


Minimizing the number of lost or misplaced luggage claims filed by passengers and airlines; reducing the load on personnel engaged in luggage search and “rush” bag shipment;

Making a list of processed luggage as soon as the processing in the luggage management system is complete. The above allows the acceptance/delivery inspector to check the amount of luggage that has been processed against the amount of luggage that has been checked in. In case of any discrepancies, the inspector will be able to promptly initiate the missing luggage search.

If it is necessary to remove any luggage from the plane, the inspector enters the luggage tag number into the scanning device to identify the container/cart that is transporting the luggage. This speeds up the search for luggage and prevents it from being sent if the passenger has been removed from the flight.

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