PAX ACCESS CONTROL: a hardware and software suite created for the provision of aviation security services at airports, for automation and simplification of the mandatory procedures of check passengers data and their baggage.

Functions and advantages: a significant increase in the speed of verification of documents, and throughput functionality of check-points. If all entries are “green”, an officer should only verify data and picture of traveller;

reduction of queues on the security control lines and during boarding at GATE; considerable reduction of risk of errors by the Aviation Security Service officers, since reading and checking data from a 15-inch screen is much easier than from a boarding pass; the possibility of rejection of mandatory paper based boarding pass, since the equipment provides for scanning both – paper based or electronic boarding passes; the possibility to automatically search for passengers at the request of various services (those wanted by law enforcement agencies, forbidden to travel to the country of arrival, debtors to various structures, etc.);

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