UDPSv2 – CUPPS (Common Use Passenger Processing System) version

The next generation of the Public Access Platform (similar to SITA CUTE / CUPPS) at your airport.
The main and fundamentally new difference from the analogs of the CUPPS platform is that Zamar specialists managed to combine several DCS standards into one. Airlines are now given even more choices in DCS security, depending on the capabilities of each airport’s infrastructure. Your airport will be ready to serve the airline in its own DCS system.
Our system does not restrict the services maintained by the DCS, such as through check-in, self-check-in, online check-in, and others.

•    user-friendly, intuitive graphic interface;
•    easy switching between departure control system applications;
•    minimum training & implementation time;
•    the system has been developed as a PC and does not require a new server infrastructure at your airport.

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