THE PASSENGER ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM is a combination of hardware and software that has been designed to provide airport security and ensure that the obligatory passenger and luggage check-in process is automated and simplified. It allows passenger to complete pre-departure formalities by using an electronic boarding pass on their smartphone or other device — in addition to a wealth of other features.

The introduction of self-service at airports improves passenger experience, reduces airline expenditures, and optimizes airport infrastructure. It is quite clear that the simplified check-in will speed up the completion of necessary formalities and reduce the instances of human error.

Electronic turnstiles Easier Skylane i720 – are automatic gateways to the terminal’s secure zone. If the airport infrastructure and project design allows, we may install automated turnstiles that will increase the terminal capacity and help efficiently manage passenger traffic. The turnstile performs the following checks and functions:

  • checking whether the boarding pass is valid,
  • checking the time remaining until take-off (up to 24 hours),
  • checking whether the gate is correct (international/domestic flights),
  • checking whether the terminal is correct,
  • checking whether the airport is correct,
  • identification of persons on the wanted list, etc.,
  • checking for “dirty” luggage (if there is a SAC module installed),
  • checking passengers that have entered / left the secure zone.
  • Additionally, face recognition and biometric ID options can be used.
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