PAX ACCESS CONTROL: a hardware and software suite created for the provision of aviation security services at airports, for automation and simplification of the mandatory procedures of check passengers data and their baggage. Thus, PAC is a system that allows passengers to undergo pre-flight screening on an electronic boarding pass using a smartphone or other gadget with many auxiliary functions.

The introduction of self-service processes at airports improves the quality of passenger service, reduces expenses of airline, and optimizes the infrastructure of airports. Obviously, a simplified screening process will help increase the speed of passing the necessary procedures by the passengers and reduce the number of committed errors associated with the human factor.

E-GATE is an automatic turnstile for passage into a clear area of the terminal. Depending on the available infrastructure and design solutions, automatic turnstiles can be installed to increase the terminal’s throughput functionality and the traffic distribution. The main functions and verifications carried out by the turnstile are:

  • Verification of the validity of the boarding pass;
  • Checking the remaining time before departure (up to 24 hours);
  • Checking of the direction zone (international flights / domestic flights);
  • Checking of the Departure Terminal;
  • Checking of the Departure Airport;
  • Search for wanted people, etc.;
  • Checking for “dirty” baggage (if there is an SAC module);
  • Control of passengers passing / departing from the sterile area;
  • Optional – facial recognition / biometric identifier.
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