Boarding Pass Scanner ZT-01 BGR

ZT-01 BGR Boarding Gate Reader is a boarding pass scanner for airports and other transportation facilities that require ticket control.
ZT-01 BGR is used for data processing and interaction with the DCS of airlines when controlling the boarding of passengers on board the aircraft.
ZT-01 BGR is designed to scan 2D boarding pass codes from the screens of mobile devices and any paper media.

•  Scanning and boarding control of standard paper boarding passes 1/2D codes
•  Scanning and boarding control of electronic boarding passes from mobile devices’ QR codes

Application field:
•  Automated entrance to the Special Control Zone – PSG Pre-Security Gate
•  Boarding Gate
•  SBG Self Boarding Gate
•  Check-in Desk
•  HCC Hybrid Check-in Counter
•  Self-service kiosks – CUSS/SBD

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