In the autumn of 2023, the expert team of the Zamar participated in the design of a new terminal for the Bokhtar International Airport in Tajikistan. The architectural planning and design of the terminal were developed in compliance with local legislation and ICAO/IATA regulations.
The main goal of the project was the effective optimization of the work area. Careful attention to ergonomics allowed for the efficient utilization of the total 5,248 square meters of terminal area.
The new terminal accommodates all the necessary office space, technological architecture, and enhanced amenities for passenger services, such as shops and restaurants. According to the project, the new terminal will be equipped with all the features of a modern airport.
The project envisages the introduction of self-service, enabling self-check-in, baggage handling with the help of the HCC Hybrid check-in counter, and self-boarding through SBG turnstiles, thereby enhancing the check-in process for passengers and luggage. These innovative technologies will be used for the first time in Tajikistan.
The development project for Bokhtar International Airport enables the following capabilities:
– Handling of both domestic and international flights
– Providing a capacity of up to 500 passengers per hour, which is three times higher than the pre-renovation capabilities
– Using bus gates or bridges depending on the airport congestion. During the low season, there’s the option to close the bridges zone (2nd floor) without compromising functionality
– Incorporating self-service and other advanced technologies to ensure efficient handling of large numbers of passengers with limited staff and a small area
The implementation of innovative architectural and IT solutions by “Zamar” aims to optimize airport processes, enhance passenger service quality, and create comfortable conditions for employees at all levels.

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