A Baggage Reconciliation System (BRS) is designed to track each unit of baggage at all stages of processing and ensures guaranteed loading of passenger baggage. Due to this, the system allows you to minimize and even avoid baggage loss.


Minimization of complaints from passengers and airlines in cases of non-dispatch, baggage dispatching and reduction in the scope of work of Agents on the claims activities for the search of baggage and processing of pre-dispatch baggage;

  • Preparation of a list of packed baggage by virtue of packing up the baggage from the BRS system. Thus, the baggage handler will be able to verify the amount of actually packed baggage with the amount actually checked in. In case of discrepancies, the baggage handler will promptly be able to start searching for missing baggage;
  • In case of baggage removal command, the baggage hadnler will be able to determine which container / baggage cart the baggage is in by dialing the number of the baggage tag on the scanner. This will speed up the search for baggage and will not allow you to send baggage on the flight if the passenger is offloaded from the flight.
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