EMD is Electronic Miscellaneous Document made by IATA as the main solution to file fees and ancillary services.

EMD simplifies technical processes of airlines and is a multifunctional mechanism to file ancillary services. It also completely eliminates the costs associated with paper technology for registration of MCO (miscellaneous charges order) and allows you to increase profitability.

The Zamar EMD module is customizable for each airline and is fully integrated with DCS. When forming a paid service in DCS, MCO is automatically generated, which synchronizes with the EMD. When accepting a payment for additional services or excess baggage the airline cashier sees all MCOs issued in the system and after payment the module generates EMD that automatically displays in the DCS screen of the registration agent and in the airline’s accounting department. This completely eliminates errors when forming EMD and eliminates the need for paper work.

An additional tool to protect the airline from errors or fraud is the boarding blocking function, if there is an unpaid MCO in the DCS system the system will not allow boarding.

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